Paying it forward

10 05 2010

Atention everyone!!

(This is the first time I’ve posted in a long time!! Hello everyone :))
So here’s the scoop: I need help spreading my wordpress around and I bet you do too.
Here’s how this will work (very simple):
1. Recomend  at least 5 people to visit this site
2. Each of those 5 people need to make a comment on this post and include who they were referred by
3. In return, I will post your name and website(s) in a special “Thanks To…” post and I will refer 5 people to you.

Thanks so much and good luck everyone! I wish you all the best XD

Waddle on


About Duddla and Mr Waterbird

11 05 2008

Here’s a new post all about the two awesome people who run this place. Let’s start with Mr Waterbird. He is a moderator at where he is known as “Risingsun”. He helps run their blog and is a designer for sunnytropical. He also goes to He is a beta on almost every game except for club penguin where he is simply refered to as “Mr Waterbird”. His name is Waddlez on and is probably the most famous beta in the game at the moment. I have know him for a long time and he is one of my best buds and he helps me run and design my wordpress when I am gone.
As for me, I used to play Club Penguin all the time until I got banned. My name was Duddla and I was famous for having the pink bunny ears , the 1st pin, and being almost 800 days old (about half a year ago). 60% of my buddies were betas and I miss them all-even the ones that weren’t betas. I also had collectd over 60,000 coins! You can find me at or on the chat box. On junglefield, I am the first real user on the beta list! As for sunnytropical, I just hope they choose me to beta test. I also go to and my name is Duddla. I started creating this wordpress almost two years ago!
I hope you enjoyed hearing about us! You can post here telling us all about yourself so we can get to know you a little better. (Just make sure not to let out any personal information)
~Duddla and Mr Waterbird

Official chat box

18 02 2008

Just click the link above to chat live with everyone else!

(you are not expected to comment here- just on the link)
~duddla and mr waterbird

We’re back in business!!

15 02 2008

Hello everyone sorry for the long time my blog wasn’t running. Here is the scoop: CP did not aprove of my password box and decided to remove it, they-in the beginning-did not let me keep the blog but then I told them how much it meant to me and they let me keep it! This is the newest new post where everyone should write in (like my old password box) but instead I am letting us talk about the penguins in CP, JF,DW, and DP!!!! This post is gonna be awesome so post all you would have posted in the password box-but please don’t put passwords here- I am very lucky to have my wordpress back.


Best WordPress’s of ALL Time!

18 12 2007

Hey this is Mr Waterbird and Duddla.  We made a new post where you can tell us awesome wordpresses.  Feel Free to share. (We will be adding to this list so just tell us some and it’ll be huge!)

4: -now resigning

Make sure the WordPress sites have to do w/ Club Penguin.

All the beta testers in Club Penguin history!

1 12 2007

Only some of these are famous but I’ve been looking for a while and I’ve added every beta that has ever played club penguin!! Enjoy
(If I forgot one just tell me and I’ll give you credit for it) Thanks

12penguin, 743, 8stoplight8, ACE, ALI, April Dude (thanks to Tomichael), andykohl, aL200 (thanks to ajblue200), aqua link, Account 1 (thanks to ME), aing (thanks to jake), aspicture, Atar, Art Vandelay, Alex123 (thanks to Penbox5), America, alix1232 (thanks to (wizzmanin), acti0n, Awer123, Army 40, alix1114 (thanks to Tomichael),  BrAnDoN, Banditt, BIG DANE (thanks to Tomichael), Bad Boy, bikeboy93, bulletwolf, beepbob, Bryan (debated by Tomichael), bob, Billybob, BBBOnline (thanks to Inphinye), buba12345, Bubl14 (thanks to aman778), Boomerang10, Big balla (debated by Inphinye), Browie Town, bull (thanks to mystery), Billie Joe, Billboard (thanks to ui7yuyu), Big RED, Black Sumo, BuNny, Benoit, blossom8888 (thanks to Inphinye), coco, cool123 (thanks to song999), Cepin10, Clone, cuteness93 (thanks to Tomichael), cutiepie22 (thanks to sony999), Ciara M, commander k, Carazy7, Clayton, coolguy, Charze, camper 2, Celtic Jock, Computer, C00l, Caveman4, Chewit Dude (debated by Inphinye), Dude19, diva1, Drake Bell, dawy1 psi, Dragon, diva, doctor (thanks to bluesoulx), Emmy354, fano, Fireboy14, frenchfrie, finediva, Frenzen, food, Frimmen, fazdaman, frimmen, Football, FRED (thanks to ui7yuyu), Gronnie, Green, Groundhog, Gizmo, Game boy7, Gertallub, gannondurf (thanks to sony999), Greenday, Ham4, Hannah252, helen 2k5, Happy77, hello im fly (thanks to bluesoulx), Hiba777 (thanks to Goomba121), hapLANDER, Iglooman123, Ice Blaze1, ian, Icecube 360, JaMeS, joe, Jordan414, Juwo, Jeremy, Jar, Jeff, jeff orton (thanks to Tomichael), joejoe, Jiffy Boy, Justin555, Jedii/Jedi (debated by Tomichael), KellyM, kenboy765, Kentpet (thanks to mrwaterbird), kewl, kolbster, Knuckles, KURT ANGLE, kewl man44, Kappy44 (debated by ui7yuyu), lil cutie26,liltickoff101 (thanks to chris), liZaRD MaN, Light, lotion, LecraE, lax 5 (thanks to mr waterbird), Lalio2y4i, Lucky Lips, little wolf, little Dalek, Mace, Mckinnonmac (thanks to unknown),  munkygrl, marty, mike jones, Monkey, Moody, Megatron, ManNBA, Magma Link (thanks to sony999), Mr Hockey, man101 (thanks to Tomichael), Mike 92, Music 408, mx70, Mcdonalds, Marczoid95, neatntidy,ninjaneal , newman, norp (thanks to Soulja Boy Jr),  nll fan, norgit, norp, nato, ortan, ProBo, paugain, pinklicious,Politepanda, Penguin1503, Paper, protagonist, Penguin, Penguin1, Penguins, punk572, Photo, Power, Penguin8, ParisHilton, pengwin, Princess Haz, penguin247g, Pear24, pauguin, Qwe Poi, rsnail, ridrid44, Rozman, Redravn, RancidKraut, rayxman (thanks to Tomichael), Screenhog, Slowpoke, starbucks (thanks to tolsi), storm, shapsi, sarahboo900 9thanks tohollisteruni), Starbocks (thanks to Tomichael), sweetbirdie8, sonic x (thanks to Tomichael), Stuartputt (thanks to bl17), stefy73, sauska029, Shnap Dog, super1, Sanity1, Someguy43, Spider (thanks to cp millionaire), Secretcode6, Stcupp, Starkat77, tallgirl, Trot Along, terrace, think pink, Tux, Taco, Timpenguin( thanks to Tomichael), Texas, twinz, Theoutfit1, Timberstone, Turtlegirl7, Terzaguin, TaZz (thanks to tim), Tundrafluff, Waterboy, Winnie72 (thanks to Goomba121), wiggle32 ( thanks to hirshy32), zipi23, Zman, Zach55, Zach5924.

Duddla is banned forever

26 11 2007

I am banned forever and I called cp and they won’t give my penguin back. I’m pissed. Any ways, that’s not the point. Mr. Charms… any advice? How was your penguin banned?
Can I ever get it back? Did you have a little trick or something? Anything??
I have a poll of whether or not you guys think I should stay and create a new penguin and if I should keep my blog. Please respond before I make the descision.

Penguins I will play on include:
Louloute, lotion(beta), biiiboard, Duddlas Fan, Duddlas Back